Tips for Organizing Your Bradford Home

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As the New Year approaches and thoughts go towards bettering one’s self in 2017, you may look around your Bradford apartment and find that it’s getting a little too cluttered. This is a great time to do some major decluttering as you prepare for the year ahead. Here are some organization tips you can apply to your Bradford home as you try to get things better organized and improve the overall look and feel of your space.

Organize the Bedroom

An organized bedroom makes your morning routine simple and stress-free. Make sure you put away anything that is out, and make your bed every day. Then, tackle the closet. Often this is where the clutter resides. Purge all items you no longer wear, and consider investing in a closet organization system so you can stash more in your space.

If you find you need more bedroom storage, take advantage of the space under the bed. You can purchase drawers or storage containers that slide right underneath the bed, and this can be a great place to stash out-of-season clothes, shoes and seasonal decor.

Move to the Living Areas

In the living areas, consider investing in some furnishings that serve two purposes. For example, a desk that can double as a table when you have guests or an ottoman with hidden storage can help you maximize the space. Next, take all of the “stuff” off of the surfaces of the living room, and determine what you actually need in the space for your enjoyment and decor goals. Find a home for the loose items, like remote controls, that tend to clutter up the space. Finally, create an easy-to-use filing system that you can implement to control the paper clutter that is almost inevitable.

Hit the Kitchen

Finally, take some time to organize the kitchen. Here, personal items tend to accumulate on countertops, making it hard for you to enjoy and use the space. Clear the kitchen of personal items, then open up the cabinets and organize them so putting away dishes is logical and easy. Make sure that items are stored near the areas where they are used, such as pots ad pans and cooking utensils near the stove and plates and silverware closer to the kitchen table.


Getting organized can seem like a big job, but it’s a job worth doing. Keep these tips in mind, and soon your home at Bradford Apartments in Cary, NC will be organized and much less stressful to enjoy. Happy New Year!